Éntula 2018: for a holiday in Sardinia with a bit more literature

  • Published: 12-06-2018
  • Category: Events

Éntula 2018

You have booked a place on one of the ferries to Sardinia and you are ready to live your next vacation, whether it is in summer or autumn it doesn’t matter. But you would like to give the trip that touch of culture that will make it really special. How to do? Just enjoy the 2018 edition of Éntula.



Éntula is a very special event and, in many respects, one of a kind. The 2018 edition, which began Tuesday 17 April, will continue until the end of November. It is a widespread literary festival that will allow the inhabitants of the island and all visitors to attend meetings and presentations in the squares, libraries and theaters.



One of the most characteristic and peculiar elements of Éntula 2018 is to be a widespread literary festival, which will be held in several small and large centers of Sardinia: some inevitable stops of this authentic itinerary in music are Arzachena, Cagliari, Carbonia, Fordongianus, Olbia, Oristano, Porto Torres, Sassari, Turri, Valledoria. So, in practice, you can always participate in one of the events regardless of the destination of your holiday: there will always be an appointment scheduled nearby.



Like every year, the 2018 edition will also include the participation of great names in the culture and literature of the Bel Paese, such as Alberto Asor Rosa, Guido Melis, Elisabetta Gnone, Fabio Stassi, Alessandro Mazzarelli, Edoardo Albinati, Michela Murgia.


More information

The program of Éntula 2018 is constantly updated. To find out what are the events scheduled, where they are held, which guests will take part and how to participate in the meetings and presentations, please refer to the updated calendar of the official website of the event, Entula.liberos.it /#program.

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