Éntula 2017: Your autumn holiday in the name of culture

  • Published: 14-09-2017
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Éntula 2017

It started last March 30th. If you are planning to spend a holiday in Sardinia in the autumn, there is an appointment that will give your trip that extra touch of culture that makes it really special. We are talking about the Éntula 2017, the literary festival diffused, which will continue until November 30th.



It’s a widespread Lettarario festival. It means that in the days of the event, in the squares, in the libraries and in the theatres of small and large towns of Sardinia will be organized presentations and meetings with authors (affirmed or newcomers), publishers and with the different personalities that They gravitate around the world of publishing.

The central theme of the edition 2017 is the migrants.



The municipalities where the events are held are: Ales, Arzana, Bono, Bortigiadas, Cagliari, Castelsardo, Desulo, Fonni, Fordongianus, Iglesias, Mogoro, Neoneli, Nuoro, Oristano, Porto Torres, Saavedra, Sassari, and Turri. They are all between the provinces of Nuoro, Sassari and Oristano, in one of the areas where the traditions of Sardinia still remain intact.



This is the most peculiar feature of the whole event. The program, fattening, is constantly updating: Éntula manages to add to the calendar always new authors and countries, something that few other literary events manage to do.


More Information

For more information of Éntula 2017(Autumn program, how to participate, any changes to dates), you can consult the official website of the event, Entula.liberos.it.


Source Image: Flickr.com/photos/zapthedingbat

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