Spending Easter 2017 in Sardinia: we have 3 great ideas for you


Easter 2017 in Sardinia

Easter 2017 is forthcoming. And, this year, you’re planning to spend a pleasant holiday. Is Sardinia the destination that you’d like to visit? In this case, we have three great ideas that will allow you to enjoy the journey and visit one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands.


1. Traditions

Easter is one of the moments of the year during which the devotion and religiosity of the Sardinian people reach their peak. In particular several rites, customs and traditions enrich the Easter in this wonderful place.

Such as the Holy Week 2017 in Cagliari, from April 9th (Palm Sunday) to April 16th (Easter). In particular, the three most important days are three:

  • Good Friday;
  • Holy Saturday;
  • Easter Sunday.


2. Relaxation

There are, at least, three days for this holiday, from April 14th (Good Friday) to April 17th (Easter Monday). Three days that you can dedicate solely to restore body and mind. Where? In one of these four places: Sardara, Fordongianus, Benetutti and Casteldoria.

In other words, these are the four most important spas of Sardinia. At the end of these three days, you will feel like new.


3. Islands

There are several (and beautiful) islands that surround Sardinia. In particular, for this three-days trip, you can visit two of them, near the north coast of the island:

In both cases, you will discover pristine places that will leave you speechless, especially thanks to the colours and the scents of spring.


These are our ideas to spend Easter 2017 here. Now, there’s only one thing left to do: book a ferry to Sardinia.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/fmarco76

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