Easter in Sardinia 2016: 5 different types of vacations for you

  • Published: 25-02-2016
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Easter in Sardinia 2016

When you say Easter, religious traditions are the first things that come to mind. And there are several events of this kind in Sardinia. But that’s not all: to spend Easter 2016 in Sardinia, you can choose from five different types of vacations. Here they are:


1. Holy Week

It is the moment of year during which the devotion of the Sardinian people reaches its peak. Especially in Cagliari. Here, Holy Week is like an authentic rite, enriched by events that narrate the last days of Jesus’ life.

Holy Week in Cagliari begins on Palm Sunday and ends on the day of Easter. Between these days it’s a succession of processions and ancient traditions, where the sacred meets the profane.


2. Itineraries

For you, this vacation is the right occasion to explore Sardinia. Now you need only some good itineraries. We propose you seven:

  • Beaches
  • Caves
  • Cannonau
  • Mountains
  • Traditions
  • Nuraghi
  • Cities

These seven and different itineraries will allow you to discover the best places that Sardinia can offer its visitors. Now, you just have to choose your favourite one.


3. Relaxation

You have only one desire for this vacation: relaxation. In other words, you’d like to spend a pleasant holiday in a spa. The place for you must be quiet and surrounded by nature.

Well, in this case, the best four places of Sardinia are:

  • Sardara
  • Fordongianus
  • Benetutti
  • Casteldoria

Again, choose your favourite one.


4. Sports

In Sardinia, you can practice any kind of sports: from hiking to diving, from snorkeling to kitesurf.


5. Easter traditions

Cagliari is not the only city in Sardinia where the Easter traditions are still alive: other important events are the procession of the Mysteries of Castelsardo and the so-called Iscravamentu (the deposition of Christ from the cross).


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/cristianocani

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