The domus of mosaics: a trip in the story of Porto Torres

Domus Porto TorresPorto Torres is an ancient city. It’s story dates to Ancient Rome. During Ancient Rome period where built Turris Libisonis of Porto Torres thermal baths. And the so called Domus dei mosaici, Domus of mosaics.

The domus is in the west part of the Porto Torres archeological area. It’s a very complex building, two floors connected by a staircase. The walls of the two floors are characterized by polychrome mosaics.

And even the four rooms and the two piscinas are decorated with polychrome mosaics that represent sea animals and geometric figure. One of the rooms ha part of its cupola.

The whole Domus of mosaics had vertical and horizontal small canals in order to regulate the temperature of the building. For the complexity of the rooms and for the splendor of the decorations, Domus of mosaics was surely the home of a high rank citizen.

It’s one of the several Sardinia treasures that Porto Torres offers to all its visitors. For more information about Domus of mosaic, visit Port Torres official website,


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