Checks on the ferry to Sardinia: here are the 3 main ones

checks on the ferries to Sardinia

Once you have booked your seat online on one of the ferries to Sardinia, the ticket will be sent directly online. Remember to print it because you will need it during one of the three main checks that take place just before boarding the ferry.


Ticket and boarding pass check

Compared to not too long ago, the boarding on the ferry has been simplified very much. Before, in fact, once arrived at the port it was necessary, first of all, to go to the ticket office and here, after the relative checks, to receive the boarding card, thanks to which it would be possible to get on the ferry. Now, instead, the check-in takes place directly under the board using a handy handheld. The staff of the specific company checks that the ticket:

  • Actually reports the data of the person who is about to board;
  • Isn’t used twice. After check-in, you will directly receive the boarding pass which, in turn, you must show to the personnel on board the ship and then head to the place assigned to you at the time of booking.


Baggage check

All passengers have the right to take at least one baggage on the ferries to Sardinia. “At least” because the individual companies, in this regard, can have their own rules. The baggage must not exceed certain dimensions and a certain weight, verified by the personnel on board just before boarding.

If you had bulky items with you (such as, for example, water sports equipment, such as surfboards or scuba tanks), they would be in a special space and would require a surcharge. Furthermore, there are some things that cannot be put in baggage, such as flammable substances and materials.


Vehicle check

You can embark a vehicle on the ferry to Sardinia, such as cars, motorbikes and campers. Simply specify, at the time of booking, the type and size of this vehicle. For boarding, in this case, you must present yourself at the port at least two hours before departure. The crew will verify that the vehicle is actually corresponding to that specified on the ticket.

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