Caves of Sardinia: they’re all to explore


Sardinia is the perfect island to visit, during summer, with its movida and relaxation. But not everybody knows that in this land is possible to make excursions in an uncontaminated nature. The island has a huge speleological heritage with 1500 natural caves, all to explore.

Sardinia has a very rich geological area and a lot of passionate of speleology are attracted by these places to make their hobby. Discover with us the 5 most beautiful caves to visit in Sardinia.

  1. Cave of Nettuno It’s definitely one of the most famous of Sardinia. This cave, with an important name, consists of karst formations and rocks dating back to ancient ages. Inside you can admire a complex of salt, wells, lakes and tunnels. You can get there by land or sea. In this case, it’s advisable to embark from the port of Alghero.
  2. Caves Su Marmuri  This is a real work of art made by the steady and patient work of water, over the years. Their name comes from the sardinian dialect su marmuri which means “marble”. At Ulassai, reachable from Cagliari, you will be facing the most impressive caves of Europe, with their 70 meters high, and monumental, thanks to their natural sculptures. You are able to visit 850 meters, open to the public, in a flat course, still alive.
  3. Caves Ispinigoli  Near Dorgali, Nuoro, you’ll have the chance to see stalagmites and stalactites for 10 Km of caves. 38 meter high column, combines the vault with the base of the cave. You will find a constant temperature of 15 degrees.
  4. Cave of Fico  The bowels of the earth here have been modeling for years by the waters of an underground river. We are located between the beaches of Cala Mariolu and Cala Biriala. The particularity of this natural cave is the bottom of a deep well 40 meters, where you can admire the show of the sea that connects the outside, through a tunnel called Siphon of the Monk Seal.
  5. Cave of San Giovanni This cave has the title of natural monument, as well as being one of the longest tunnels in Europe, 850 meters. Within this fascinating karst you find a chapel dedicated to this saint and a paved road leading to the mountain area.

If you enjoy the description of these wonderful natural caves, don’t hesitate to book your ferry to the beautiful island of Sardinia.


Image source: Pixabay

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