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excursion to Asinara

Excursion to Asinara: 3 tips to see an unforgettable place

You are spending a holiday along the north coast of Sardinia. And, rightly, you want to treat yourself to a day visiting that small, authentic naturalistic jewel that rises from the sea not far from the coast. In other words, here are the three essential things to know to better organize your excursion to Asinara. […]

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visit Barbagia

Barbagia: the tour in 10 stages to visit the heart of Sardinia

The Barbagia is in effect the heart of Sardinia, not only for its geographical position, an area that includes the province of Nuoro and that of Ogliastra, but for the very nature of the territory and its inhabitants. Hardly accessible, wild, but at the same time incredibly hospitable and rich in history, this region has […]

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Sardinia best season

The best season to visit Sardinia? Simple: all 4

You are wondering what is the best season to visit Sardinia. The answer is very simple: all four. Because this beautiful island should be seen all year. And every season is recommended for a different kind of holiday.   Summer The season par excellence to visit this island, and it is also the one during […]

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september in Sardinia

September in Sardinia: tips on where to go on vacation

The high season has now passed but the summer is still present. We know that the temperatures in this island of the Mediterranean remain high and pleasant until the first days of autumn. In other words, Sardinia in September is still to be experienced, and it is a highly recommended destination for those who have […]

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Sardinia with children

In Sardinia with children: tips to organize your holiday

Traveling with the little ones always requires many things: a good organization, a well-defined itinerary, places where you can find all the services you could wish for. And to better organize your next holiday in Sardinia with children, this is the information that will allow you to live a simply unforgettable experience.   The journey […]

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Cagliari and surroundings: what to see

Cagliari and surroundings: what to see during a week’s holiday

You are thinking about where to go on holiday in Sardinia. And the choice has been the Sardinian capital, a destination that has so much to offer to its visitors in terms of history, nature, culture, sport, entertainment. And so: what to see in Cagliari and surroundings?   To be seen The attractions would be […]

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