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ferries Elba Sardegna

The ferries from Elba Island to Sardinia: all info to book

You are spending a holiday on the Elba island or already live on this beautiful island. And you are thinking of giving yourself a trip to another equally unforgettable island: Sardinia. There is, of course, to book the ferry crossing and you still don’t know exactly how to do it. Below you will find all […]

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ferries sardinia motorbike

Board the bike on ferries for Sardinia: how to do and some tips

We have already said how to embark the car on the ferries to Sardinia. But you need a more specific indication, as you are a big fan of two wheels and can not imagine a trip without your trusty vehicle. In other words, your next vacation on this beautiful island will be in motorcycle. Here’s […]

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Ferries to Sardinia: the best moment to book

The Sardinia is a beautiful island to visit during all the year, and in every season always reserves something special to do and/or to see. Without forgetting, obviously, the question of savings. Just for this reason, now you are wondering: what is the best moment to book the ferry to Sardinia for your next travel? […]

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Go to Sardinia and spend a little? There are 5 tips to do it

Who, at least once, has never thought of visiting Sardinia? First, however, there is a ferry to book. In this regard, your need is soon told: how to go to Sardinia and spend a little? It’s possible to do it. Thanks to these five simple tips. Use a comparator. Exactly like our online booking system. […]

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Ferries Sardinia children

Ferries to Sardinia: 5 tips to better manage your trip with children

For children, going on vacation is always an exhilarating moment. While parents are responsible for managing them at their best. And since your next trip will be by ferry to Sardinia, below you can find five excellent tips to better organize your crossing with children.   1. Book a cabin This little trick is fundamental. […]

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animals on the ferries to Sardinia

Travel with animals on the ferries to Sardinia: the main conditions

The ferries to Sardinia are the solution you have chosen to get to this beautiful island and enjoy a wonderful holiday. Holiday that you absolutely want to spend with your beloved four-legged friend. But which are the conditions to travel with animals on the ferries to Sardinia?   Tirrenia On Tirrenia ferries, the four-legged friends, […]

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