Castles to visit in Sardinia: 5 places to immerse yourself in the charm of Sardinian history

castles to visit in Sardinia

All the charm and suggestions of the Sardinian history condensed into five places: it will be like making an authentic journey back in time. And to do that, just follow this itinerary in five stages of the castles to visit in Sardinia.

  1. San Michele castle. The first of the castles to visit in Sardinia is located in the Sardinian capital. The castle of San Michele, in reality, is a fortified palace that dates back to the period of the giudicato of Cagliari. Characterized by the presence of its massive towers, today it is used as a center of art and culture.
  2. Malaspina Castle. Also known as the castle of Serravalle, built at 81 meters above sea level, it dominates with its grindstone the small town of Bosa. The current appearance of the manor is the result of several alterations and renovations: outside the imposing walls of the tower survive with its towers, while inside the palatine chapel and the ruins of the noble residence must be visited.
  3. Castle of Burgos. In the heart of Sardinia, in the historical sub-region of the Goceano. Built on top of a granite peak at 647 above sea level, today there is the triple wall and the imposing main tower. If you like walking, it could be an excellent idea for an excursion.
  4. Castle of Castelsardo. One of the castles to visit from Sardinia could only be in one of the most beautiful places of the island. The castle of Castelsardo, built by the Genoese family of the Doria family in the 12th century, is perfectly preserved and houses the Museum of Mediterranean intertwining.
  5. Castle of Pedres. It is located near Olbia and, even if it is not completely intact, due to the charm that surrounds it, it is still worthy of a visit. Definitely abandoned in the fifteenth century, placed on the top of a hill, the castle of Pedres is silent witness of about eight hundred years of history. Today you can visit two rooms, a cistern and the ruined keep.

Five castles for as many unforgettable stages that will enrich your holiday in Sardinia. And now you just have to book the ferry trip.


Image source: Di trolvag, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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