The castle of Pedres: eight hundred years of Sardinia story

castle of PedresNear Olbia, on a small hill, an ancient rises up. This building is the silent witness of eight hundred years of North Sardinia story. And today the castle of Pedres is one of the places to visit in this part of Sardinia.


The story

The castle of Pedres was built approximately in Thirteenth Century, during the period of the Giudicato di Gallura. It was built using the local stone. The fortress had military purpose: it was built to defend Civita.

After being the home for the frati ospedalieri di San Giovanni di Gerusalemme, in Fourteenth Century the castle of Pedres was occupied by the Giudicato di Arborea. It was definitively abandoned in Fifteenth Century, when even Civita fell.


The castle of Pedres today

Originally, the castle of Pedres had four towers, two fenced squares and polygonal surrounding wall. Movable wooden ladders allowed to reach the entrance of the castle, positioned 3,75  meters above the ground.

After Fifteenth Century, when it was abandoned, the castle of Pedres was seriously damaged by negligence and by bombings during second world war. Today only two rooms, a cistern and the ruined fortified tower are opened to visitors.


How to get there

To reach the castle of Pedres from Olbia, take the road to Loiri. At 3,3 kilometer, turn to the right, on a dirty road. After 2 kilometers you arrive to the parking, in front of the castle.


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