Carnival Tempio Pausania 2015: three days with Ghjolghju Puntogliu

  • Published: 19-01-2015
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Carnival Tempio Pausania 2015Ghjolghju Puntogliu, in other words King George, is a typical mask of the Carnival in Tempio Pausania 2015, that take place on February 12th, 15th and 17th. Others mask are: Mannena, lu Traicogghju, la Réula, lu Linzolu Cupaltatu.

Three days dedicated to colors, masks, traditions and above all amusement. The event draws one hundred thousand people every year.

Three days for three parades along the road of the town. The parade of Carnival floats is an authentic tradition. So as the parade of Ghjolghju Puntogliu: an enormous puppet seated on a throne. Each year the puppet is given the features of a famous politician who is blamed for all the misfortunes of the year. On Shrove Tuesday, at sunset, the King is tried and burnt in the town’s main square.

But King George is not alone. There are Mannena, a shapely woman of people; lu Traicogghju, half a spirit, half a demon; lu Linzolu Cupaltatu, a woman that walk completely wrapped in a sheet.

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