Carnival typical sweets of Sardinia: tastes and traditions

Carnival sweets SardiniaTo spend Carnival period in Sardinia means traditions, ancient parties, town of art and history. But also tasting typical sweets. Cakes and artisan bread, very different and with an intense taste.

Cruxioneddu de mindua – They are also known as culungioneddos de pendula. They are small sweet ravioli with almonds. They are fried and then covered by sugar. There are several variety that have different filling: almonds, custard, ricotta.

Orilletas – They are similar to “chiacchere”, a typical Italian sweet of Carnival. The Orilletas are prepared with puff pastry; then they are fried and covered by honey ( the traditional Italian “chiacchere” are covered by confectioner’s sugar).

MangadagasMendegadas, trizzas, acciuleddi e azzuleddhi are the others names in which are called this typical sweets made by fried pastry and honey.

Sos pinos – They are similar to “struffoli” and are typical of the Goceano area. They have the spherical small form and are fried. Then they are cooked with honey.

There a lot of typical products of the Italian bakery tradition that you can taste in Sardinia, the island of Mediterranean sea. If you want to taste these culinary specialties and sweets book your ferry trip for Sardina during the Carnival period.


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