All the taste of the Sardinian Carnival: the recipe of orillettas

Carnival sweets of Sardinia: orillettas

The Carnival in Sardinia is not only an event to enjoy but also to taste. Because this particular time of the year is enriched by the preparation of some typical and delicious sweets. Such as the famous Sardinian orillettas.


What are orillettas

It is a tasty culinary specialty: fried puff pastry covered with honey. The orillettas are prepared throughout the island, especially in the historical region of Sa Baronia. Its taste is similar to chiacchiere and struffoli.



  • Flour (1kg).
  • Lard (250gr).
  • Eggs (5).
  • Honey.

These are the ingredients of the classic recipe. There are also several variations of orillettas, enriched with wild fennel, vanilla, chocolate.



  • Mix flour, eggs and lard. Knead long and carefully.
  • Once the dough is ready, it needs to “rest” for  about two hours.
  • Take a small piece of dough and make small rolls (about seven-eight centimetres long).
  • Take two rolls and, literally, plait as if it was a sort of braid.
  • Fry the orillettas in seed oil.
  • Put them on a paper towel.
  • When they are cooled and dry, cover them with honey.

Your orillettas are ready to be tasted.


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