Carnival of Tempio Pausania: the Carrasciali timpiesu 2018 begins on February 8th

  • Published: 12-01-2018
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Carnival 2018 in Sardinia: Tempio Pausania

Colours, music, parades, masks, and lots of fun: yes, you will surely have recognized all the ingredients of the Carnival, a very anticipated event in Sardinia. And one of the most important is the Carrasciali timpiesu, the Tempio Pausania Carnival, which, in 2018, will be take place from February 8th to 13th.


The masks

As always, the traditional masks will make the Carnival of Tempio Pausania really special and characteristic. Traditional masks such as:

  • Ghjolghju Puntogliu, King George, symbol of power;
  • Mannena, shapely woman who accompanies King George;
  • Lu Traicogghju, a “demon-spirit” who walks along the streets of the city;
  • La Réula, the dead;
  • Lu Linzolu Cupaltatu, a mysterious woman dressed in a sheet.

These are the five traditional masks. But the Carnival of Tempio Pausania will be much more: in the days of the event, several side events (such as exhibitions and tastings) are scheduled.


Mardi Gras

Obviously, this will be the most important day of the Carrasciali timpiesu. On February 13th, at night, the mask of Ghjolghju Puntogliu will be tried, accused of all the problems of Tempio Pausania and then burned, symbol of rebirth for the entire city. And then, music and dancing throughout the night until dawn.


An itinerary

On the occasion of the Carnival 2018, do you have the possibility to plan a small holiday? In this case, we can suggest which places to see absolutely in the northern part of Sardinia:

  • Porto Torres;
  • Asinara;
  • Stintino;
  • Sassari;
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura;
  • La Maddalena;
  • Olbia.


How to get

The main tourist port near Tempio Pausania, and one of the most important for the ferries to Sardinia, is Olbia. From here, you only have to take the state highway 127 towards west and follow the road signs to Tempio Pausania. The journey by car takes less than one hour.


Further information

For further information about the 2018 edition of the Carnival of Tempio Pausania (compete program, any changes), you can visit the official website of the event,


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