Carnival 2017: in Sardinia 3 unmissable dates between masks and fun

  • Published: 9-02-2017
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Carnival 2017 in Sardinia

Are you planning a short trip in winter? Sardinia offers the opportunity to spend your vacation between masks and entertainment, for a Carnival 2017 really suggestive. Sardinia is a land of ancient traditions, preserved over the years, become unmissable events. From Oristano, through Mamoiada up to Tempio Pausania, we suggest three great events that will make you live emotions to remember.

  1. Sa Sartiglia in Oristano It is the Carnival of the sortija – fate. The knights that take part, in fact, ride horses through the narrow streets of the center with the aim to spear a silver star with a sword. The Sartiglia, this year, will takes place from February 26 to 28 and also provides the show of the “pariglie”: divided into groups of three, knights make the choreographies on horses. All this takes place in a true ritual that, according to tradition, has remained unchanged since 1543, the year in which the Sa Sartiglia was instituted.
  2. Carnival of MamoiadaIt’s one of the most celebrated events of Sardinian folklore. The traditional masks of this carnival are the Mamuthones and the Issohadores. The Mamuthones dressed in sheepskin, they wear a black wooden mask. They carry on your back cowbells tied with leather straps. The Issohadores, instead, wear a linen shirt, a red jacket, white trousers, a scarf and some wear a white anthropomorphic mask. A ritual deeply felt is the dressing of Mamuthones, after which they march in groups of twelve, representing the months of the year, led by Isshoadores parading in groups of eight and dance. The parade of Mamuthones and Isshoadores is a real solemn ceremony, like a procession.
  3. Carnival in Tempio PausaniaIt’s a festival that has distant origins and that has like starring the King George. In the past, attended a bonfire, today, the fire draws thousands of people and it is held in the large square called Largo XXV Aprile, in the heart of this city. Once the ritual had an allegorical meaning: Giorgio was the symbol of power. He is able to exhaust the resources of the population, its death makes free from frustrations and pains. Today this is an unmissable event, which has a great economic and tourist importance. The traditional masks of the Carnival of Tempio Pausania are: Ghjolghju Puntogliu (a huge mask that depicts the power) and Réula (the hosts of dead).

If the description of these great events makes you curious and you want to spend the Carnival 2017 on this beautiful island, you just need to book your trip by ferry to Sardinia, to discover these places rich of nice dates.


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