Carnival 2016 in Sardinia: culture, traditions and 3 unmissable events

  • Published: 19-01-2016
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Carnival 2016 in Sardinia

Culture, traditions and ancestral rites: Carnival in Sardinia is, above all, this. It’s like discovering the real, ancient and fascinating soul of this great land. An ancient soul that is still alive in the 3 most important events that take place during Carnival in Sardinia: the Carnival of Tempio Pausania, the Carnival of Mamoiada and Sa Sartiglia.


1. Carnival of Tempio Pausania

The most important days of Tempio Pausania Carnival 2016 will be February 7 (Sunday) and February 9 (Mardi Gras). An event that usually lasts 3-4 days, entirely dedicated to colors, music, fun. And to the traditional masks, such as Ghjolghju Puntogliu (a large mask that depicts the power) and la Réula (the hosts of the dead).


2. Carnival of Mamoiada

Probably, it’s the most characteristic of Sardinia. The real heart of the Carnival of Mamoiada is the parade of Mamuthones and Issohadores. Mamuthones are one of the oldest Sardinian mask: black mask, black fur, bells on the back and chest. Issohadores wear white masks and white pants, red waistcoat and Sa Berritta (a black hat).

Of very ancient origins, during the parade Issohadores guide Mamuthones as if they were a sort of herd.


3. Sa Sartiglia

Sa Sartiglia 2016 officially begins on February 2, the day of Candlemas, with the blessing of the candles. February 7, Sunday, and February 9, Mardi Gras, are the days when take place Corsa della Stella and Pariglie, held by Gremio dei Contadini and Gremio dei Falegnami. According to the tradition, the rite of Sa Sartiglia dates back to 1543.


Have you chosen your favorite event to live Carnival 2016 in Sardinia? So, you have to do just one thing: book a ferry ticket.


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