What to see on Caprera Island: these are the 7 most beautiful places

Caprera Island what to see

One of the most beautiful islands of Sardinia will be the destination of your next vacation. We are, of course, talking about Caprera. And you want to know what to see: these are the seven most beautiful places.

  1. Cala Coticcio. The first is one of the most beautiful beaches of Caprera Island, and its “nickname” is Tahiti. You’ll discover a coast made of white sand and turquoise sea.
  2. La casa di Garibaldi. The “hero of two worlds” spent his last days on the island of Caprera. His home, also known as the Casa Bianca (“white house”), is located inside the Compendio garibaldino: it is a site that protects all the important places where Giuseppe Garibaldi lived.
  3. Spiaggia del Relitto. There are the remains of an ancient wreck (hence the name) that emerge from the sand of this beach. Sand that, of course, is white and fine. About the sea, it is so transparent and quiet that you can see the seabed for several meters.
  4. Museo del mare e delle tradizioni marinaresche. The perfect balance between nature and culture: in this museum, there are documents, objects and photographs that narrate the life on the island of Caprera, indissolubly linked to the sea.
  5. Spiaggia dei Due Mari. Not one but two beaches: placed one behind each other, separated by a sand isthmus. They are located on the southern coast of Caprera Island.
  6. Museo geo-mineralogico naturalistico di Stagnali. Two large halls in which is preserved an authentic treasure made of minerals, fossils, sands, seashells, flora and fauna.
  7. Cala Andreani. Crystal clear sea, white and fine sand, shallow water: wild and unspoilt, Cala Andreani may be considered the perfect beach.

And now that you know what to see: how to get to Caprera Island? It’s very easy.

  • Reach Palau, located in front of La Maddalena archipelago;
  • From Palau, take a ferry or a boat to La Maddalena Island;
  • From La Maddalena Island, drive along the so-called Passo della Moneta: six hundred meters and you’ll be on Caprera Island.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/comunicati

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