Sardinia: four destinations to taste the best Cannonau wine

Cannonau wine SardiniaThe Cannonau wine is one of the most distinctive taste of Sardinia. Its flavor is dry and pleasant, an intense colour. A unique wine and very appreciated in all the Peninsula (and not only). To taste the Cannonau wine in the land where it is produced, the destinations are four, all in the east area of Sardinia.

Jerzu – In Sardinia is known as “the City of Wine”. The village is built on more levels and is surrounded by vineyards that are extended on the hills. In this area the Cannonau DOC red wine. is produced.

Tortolì – A small town known above all for its beautiful sea and for the locality of Arbatax. Tortolì is famous for its long wine and food tradition, linked to sheep farming. Here, different qualities of Cannonau wine are produced: table wine, for aperitifs or for dessert. This typical wine is also used in the cooking of “culargiones”, typical dish with cheese and potatoes.

Oliena – This village is noted for its natural beauty and obviously for the wine. The Cannonau produced here is of great quality.

Mamoiada – A special aroma and high alcohol proof are the main features of the Cannonau produced in Mamoiada area. This village is also known for the Carnival.

To taste the Cannonau wine in Sardinia, you can start from Arbatax. So, now, you have to book your trip by ferry.


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