Cala Mariolu beach: one of the most beautiful beach throughout Sardinia

cala Mariolu beach

The origin of the name is the monk seal, that used to live in this beach. Fishermen called it “mariolu”, that means “thief”, because it used to steal the catch from the nets. The origin of the name mustn’t mislead you: Cala Mariolu is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.


The beach

It’s not so large and it’s pebbly. The sand is made of little pink stones, the sea is really turquoise, and the water is shallow: you can see it in the picture, Cala Mariolu is a small paradise on the east coast of Sardinia.


For who it’s recommended

Cala Mariolu it’s recommended for everyone who wants to have a relaxing day. The water is shallow,  so it’s perfect also for children. Moreover, there are a lot of caves near Cala Mariolu, like Fico’s cave, a great idea if you plan to have a boat ride. But pay attention: Cala Mariolu is very crowded during summer.


How to reach it

Cala Mariolu , as said before, it’s in the Orosei gulf. You can reach the beach via street or via sea.

  • Via sea. You can reach the beach with a private boat or booking a boat excursion from Arbatax, Cala Gonone and Santa Maria Navarrese.
  • Via street. You can reach Cala Mariolu doing some trekking, but you have to good in doing it because it’s a bit dangerous.


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