Cala Coticcio: sun and beautiful sea in Sardinia’s Tahiti

cala CoticcioIt is one of the most beautiful beaches of Caprera, in Sardinia. To give an idea of its beauty it would suffice to say that his nickname is Tahiti. For its beauty it is always very crowded, especially during the summer. In other words cala Coticcio is incomparable.

The beach – Fine and pure white sand, its sea has blue and turquoise shades, surrounded by rock sculptures of pink shades, and enriched by the presence of juniper, heather, mastic, myrtle: this is cala Coticcio on the east coast of Caprera island.

Monks and lost people – A small group of islets is located not far from the seashore. They are known as Monks islets. But their first name is much more poetic and evocative: islets of lost people of Caprera.

How to get there – To get to Caprera you need to hike over the so-called Passo della Moneta, a bridge-dam built in 1958. The beach is located in the A zone of La Maddalena park, in an area subjected to a very high environmental protection, so it can be reached by a path only with a park guide (for more information, visit

If the destination of your next vacation is Golfo Aranci or Olbia, cala Coticcio is a must-see.


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