Cala Biriola beach: a small paradise in Orosei gulf

cala biriola beach

If you’re spending a holiday near Arbatax, you should know that near there, in Orosei gulf, there’s the Biriola thicket, full of junipers that grow on the rocks. And, under the small wood, there’s one of the less known beaches in Sardinia: it’s Cala Biriola.


The beach

This locality is so suggestive thanks to two elements: a small rock arch that frames the small beach, and an extremely limpid sea, full of marine fauna. Just how you can see in the picture.


Who should go

On Cala Biriola beach there are no services and it’s not so easy to reach. If you’re spending your holidays with kids, it’s better if you book one on the boat excursions (will see it next).

Despite this, Cala Biriola is recommended for the ones who want to spend some hours in a small uncontaminated paradise and usually not so crowded. And it’s perfect for snorkeling, thanks to its transparent water.


How to reach

Cala Biriola beach can be reached by boat or via road.

  • By boat. There are numerous private boats that everyday start from Cala Gonone, Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese and take to Cala Biriola beach.
  • Via road. There’s a trekking path that, from the plain of Golfo di Baunei, arrives at Cala Biriola. But it’s really hard: if you’re not expert walkers, you should ask one of the local guides.


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