Cala d’Arena: the spectacular pink beach of Asinara

cala d’ArenaIt is one of the most beautiful islands of Sardinia. Therefore it’s the perfect place for this pink sand beach. It is located in the northernmost part of Asinara. Cala d’Arena is located here.

The beach – Cala d’Arena is also known as “the pink beach”. The reason, as already explained, is the peculiar color of its sand, which is so clear that it takes the pink shades in some areas. The sea is deep blue, while the beach is surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub.

The turtles – Cala d’Arena is under a regime of full protection. Until a few decades ago on this beach the Caretta Caretta turtles laid their eggs.

The tower and the lighthouse – Behind the beach a tower built in the sixteenth century rises. Punta Scorno lighthouse is located in the northern part of the cove, and represents the northernmost point of Asinara.

How to get there – You must contact the Park, the only organization that will make you visit the island, offering a ferry service from the mainland. For more information, visit

According to the greatest part of visitors, cala d’Arena is the most beautiful beach of Asinara. If you want to be sure of this all you have to do is book a ferry to Porto Torres and admire this beautiful pink sand beach.


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