Open monuments 2015: discovering the ancient beauty of Cagliari

  • Published: 23-03-2015
  • Category: Events

Cagliari monuments 2015Cagliari is an ancient and charming city, as its palaces, statues, squares, neighborhoods and bastions reveal. A story to learn and discover. The best occasion to do this is 2015 edition of Monumenti aperti (“Open monuments”), on May 9-10.

The monuments of Cagliari, in particular monuments usually closed, will be open during this two-days event. Guided tours by organizations, associations and schools will allow people to discover the several and beautiful attractions of Cagliari.

In other words, Monumenti aperti is an unmissable occasion to see the most important monuments of Cagliari in depth. Places such as bastione di Saint Remy (Saint Remy Bastion), Second World War bunkers, Chiesa della Purissima (an important church of the city), Palazzo civico (“Town hall”) and Teatro lirico (“Opera house”).

In addition to this, several info points will be set during the event, where visitors can have information about open monuments and how to get there (number and location of info points changes from one edition to another).

For more information about 2015 edition of Cagliari Monumenti aperti (timetables, tickets, open monuments, where are the info point) visit the official website of the event,


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