Cagliari: 4 ideas about how to spend the feast of the Assumption 2015

Feast of the Assumption Cagliari 2015

Will Cagliari be the destination of your next summer holydays? In this  case, you surely want to know how to spend the feast of the Assumption 2015 in Sardinia’s capital city. And here there are four ideas perfect for you.


1. Poetto beach

It’s the favorite beach of Cagliari citizens. Not only because it’s near the city, but also because there are a lot of services, it’s extremely clean, free wi-fi all over the beach and it’s always crowded. Don’t forget an important detail, that it’s one of the most beautiful beach in south Sardinia.

Finally, there’s another reason. Usually, in occasion of the feast of the Assumption, Poetto becomes the location of an animate beach party, with music, typical dishes and the awaited fireworks show at midnight (for more information, visit the official website of the municipality of Cagliari).


2. Sella del Diavolo

Its profile is unmistakable and reminds of a saddle, that is the name of this promontory that overlooks Cagliari’s sea. There are many legends about Sella del Diavolo (literally, “Devil’s saddle”).

After you’ve heard about them, you can access to the path that go uphill along the promontory: it’s like doing an authentic trip into the history and the nature of Cagliari. And, finally, you can admire the wonderful panorama of the city.


3. An itinerary to Castello neighborhood

According to many, this is the most beautiful neighborhood of Cagliari. A reputation given by the presence of many attractions, like bastione di Saint Remy, bastione di Santa Caterina, torre di San Pancrazio, cittadella dei Musei, torre dell’Elefante. In the evening, if you’re not too tired, you can go to Poetto.


4. Tuerredda beach

The last suggestion to spend the feast of Assumption 2015 in Cagliari. Tuerredda’s beach is one of the most beautiful beach in the entire Sardinia. It’s between capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento. After a day spent in the name of relax, you can come back to Cagliari and visit Poetto.


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