Cagliari and surroundings: what to see during a week’s holiday

Cagliari and surroundings: what to see

You are thinking about where to go on holiday in Sardinia. And the choice has been the Sardinian capital, a destination that has so much to offer to its visitors in terms of history, nature, culture, sport, entertainment. And so: what to see in Cagliari and surroundings?


To be seen

The attractions would be many. Moreover, there is nothing to be surprised as Cagliari is one of the most visited destinations in southern Sardinia. We can, however, give some suggestions, especially following this one week itinerary:

  • First day. This will be entirely dedicated to admire the main attractions of the Sardinian capital. The itinerary to visit Cagliari in one day consists of these stages: Quartiere Castello, Poetto beach, Bastione di Saint-Remy, Torre dell’Elefante, Torre di San Pancrazio, Royal Palace, Cathedral of Santa Maria. During this first day you will walk a lot, and in the evening you can sit in one of the restaurants in the historic center of the city to taste the typical Sardinian cuisine of Cagliari.
  • Second day. The historic quarters of Cagliari are four: Castello, Stampace, Marina, Villanova. For the second day, dedicate yourself to one of them, discovering the most typical and characteristic atmospheres, and the most particular places, of the Sardinian capital.
  • Third day. Legend tells that the particular shape of this promontory is due to the results of the clash between Lucifer and the Angels led by the Archangel Gabriel. The Sella del Diavolo is crossed by a path that will allow visitors to immerse themselves completely in the nature and history of Cagliari.
  • Fourth day. The island of San Pietro is located in the west of Sardinia, precisely in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias. The distance is perhaps considerable but it is one of the most beautiful islands of Sardinia: cliffs, caves and ponds form the landscape of this island of volcanic origin. You can get there by embarking on a ferry to Portovesme.
  • Fifth day. Among the best points for diving in Cagliari there are two headlands: Capo Teulada and Capo Carbonara. To be seen even if you are not a fan of this sport, as these are two areas that can offer a spectacular nature; in particular Capo Carbonara delimits the Gulf of Cagliari to the east, while Capo Teulada is located to the west. During the fifth day of this trip around Cagliari you can choose one of the two.
  • Sixth day. At a short distance from Cagliari there is the small but picturesque town of Pula. Its main attraction is represented by the ruins of Nora, an ancient Roman city that stood on a promontory separated from the mainland by an isthmus.
  • Seventh day. The last day of this itinerary with what to see in Cagliari and its surroundings you will spend in Chia: a panorama characterized by kilometers and kilometers of white beaches that follow each other without interruption.



A holiday, for you, cannot be called in this way without enjoying a little relaxation comfortably lying on a soft blanket of white sand lapped by a fabulous sea. Even in this case, the Sardinian capital is what you need to satisfy you. During this trip, you can organize the itinerary in order to discover the most beautiful beaches of Cagliari and surroundings, ten beaches to see:

  • Su Giudeu;
  • Punta Molentis;
  • Tuerredda;
  • Porto Giunco;
  • Spiaggia del Poetto;
  • Cala Pira;
  • Feraxi;
  • Mari Pintau;
  • Cala Cipolla;
  • Costa Rei.


How to get

There is nothing simpler: all you have to do is book a place on one of the ferries to Sardinia that depart from the main inland ports. The departures are different and ensure an excellent connection, every day throughout the year, with the Sardinian capital.


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