Ferries to Sardinia: the best moment to book

ferry Sardinia best moment to book

The Sardinia is a beautiful island to visit during all the year, and in every season always reserves something special to do and/or to see. Without forgetting, obviously, the question of savings. Just for this reason, now you are wondering: what is the best moment to book the ferry to Sardinia for your next travel?


One season in advance

This is the tip to follow ti know when to book the ferry to Sardinia. In other words, you must book book the ferry with one season in advance of the time you have choose for the trip. For example, to book in spring the ferry for the summer, in summer to book the ferry for the autumn, and so on.

Why do something like that? It’s easy to say: booking so far in advance, you’ll have the opportunity to immediately take advantage of the many offers that shipping companies make available to travelers. Offers that, just because they are advantageous, sell out quickly.



Booking in advance is just one of the things you can do to save on ferries to Sardinia. There are also two other indications that you will surely find useful:

  • Use a comparator, such as our online reservation system, which in a single screen allows you to compare all the prices of the different companies that offer the service and always take the tickets at the most convenient cost at that time;
  • Book a bridge passage, which, however, may prove inconvenient if you are thinking of traveling at night and sleeping on the ferry.


Some ideas for the holiday

All this, and it would not even need to be said, has only one purpose: to allow you to better organize your next holidays in Sardinia. Do you already have any idea in mind to spend them? If not, we can suggest you seven different itineraries that, between sea, history, mountains, traditions and cities, will make you discover how unique this island can be.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/fotoraffo

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