Autunno in Barbagia 2016: the October events

  • Published: 20-09-2016
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Autunno in Barbagia 2016: the October events

They are ten. Ten events that will allow you to discover traditions, nature and culinary specialties of Sardinia. These are the October events of Autunno in Barbagia 2016.

  • Tonara (October 1-2). Tonara is the famous “village of nougat”. In addition to this, you have also to taste the mushrooms. The landscapes around Tonara are made of woods, springs, forests, the slopes of Gennargentu, caves, gorges, waterfalls, and valleys.
  • Gavoi (October 7-9). A palce recommended especially for hikers: Gavoi is surrounded by hills, mountains, and woods (chestnut, holly, walnut, cherry, oak and holm); south, there’s the spectacular Taloro river valley.
  • Meana Sardo (October 7-9). The Meana Sardo municipality is rich in forests, hills and springs. Hills dotted with ten ancient nuraghi.
  • Onanì (October 8-9). Green hills, oak forests, and Mediterranean scrub: this is the landscape of Onanì. Where the beauty of nature meets historical treasures: the domus de janas, the Nuragic towers, the murals by Diego Asproni.
  • Lollove (October 15-16). An almost inhabited town, today Lollove is a very mysterious and suggestive village, with its characteristic granite houses.
  • Orgosolo (October 15-16). It’s the town of the famous murals, made in the Seventies. And it offers much more: the Gennargentu, the Iscala de S’Arenargiu, the Montes forest, thirty nuraghi.
  • Sorgono (October 21-23). Woods and springs surround this town, near Gennargentu. Here famous grapes, such as Cannonau, Monica and Muristellu grow. And there are about two thousand very ancient menhirs.
  • Belvì (October 22-23). There’s everything that a hiker could wish for: on one side, the so-called Tacchi (high rock outcroppings); on the other side, the Gennargentu.
  • Aritzo (October 29-30). Sas domos de su nie (literally, “the houses of the snow”) are deep wells used to contain the snow taken from the Gennargentu. In the picturesque old town centre, there are still houses built in the style of Aritzo.
  • Desulo (October 30th – November 1st). The real distinctive characteristic of Desulo is the contrast. On one side, there are green valleys with oak, yew, maple, walnut and cherry trees. On the other side, there are the slopes of Gennargentu.


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