Ovodda: Autunno in Barbagia between history and nature

  • Published: 21-10-2015
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It’s known for the number of people who are 100 years old or who is going to reach that age. This just says it all about how is the life in Ovodda. A place which is between history and nature. And here, from 6th to 8th November, the Autunno in Barbagia 2015 will stop.



The uncontaminated nature, the clean air and the great climate are just some of the characteristics that let Ovodda be named the “town of centenarians”. This inhabited center is between the historic regions of Barbagia and the Mandrolisai, and it’s included in the Gennargentu National Park.

Domus de Janas are the most ancient monuments you can find in the surroundings of Ovodda. But they’re not the only ones: its territory is full of menhirs, nuraghi and tombe dei giganti. While its historic center is characterized by the presence of the typical homes made of granite with the inner courtyards.

Which, in occasion of Autunno in Barbagia, will become Cortes apertas: the courtyards of the historic homes of Ovodda will be opened to public, where visitors can taste the typical products and see old professions, now almost forgotten.


How to reach

To reach Ovodda, the best starting point is Nuoro:

  • Take the state road 389var to South
  • Follow the road signs to Lodine, taking the provincial road 30
  • From Lodine, take the provincial road 14
  • Once you arrive in Fonni, follow the road signs to the state road 128
  • Follow the road signs to Ovodda

The trip lasts less than 50 minutes by car. To reach Nuoro, the two main tourist ports are Arbatax and Olbia: in both cases, reaching Nuoro takes about a hour by car.


More information

For further information about the 2015 edition of Autunno in Barbagia in Ovodda (complete program, eventually changes of dates and times), you can visit these two :


Image source: “Ovodda” di Pietro lavena – pc. Con licenza Pubblico dominio tramite Wikimedia Commons

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