Bitti: between history and nature, the first stage of Autunno in Barbagia 2015

  • Published: 2-09-2015
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barbagia 2015 bitti

The beauty of the nature, the suggestions of the history. An history such ancient as its culture. And this is a place where the artisan traditions of Sardinia survive even now. In other words, Bitti has all the features to be, from 4th to 6th September, the first stage of Autunno in Barbagia 2015.



The nature is the main attraction that Bitti can offer to its visitors. This little inhabited center is in a zone where there are natural oasis covered by thick woods, with enchanting sceneries made of granite peaks, waterfalls, small lakes. The entire territory is crossed by numerous paths, suggested for all the trekking lovers.

In Bitti there are some small artisan shops: ceramic, wrought iron, leather, wood, marquetry and weaving. There are also ancient archeological sites, like the mysterious complex of Romanzesu, a sanctuary-village, the sacred well. And also numerous religious buildings. As the Santu Jorgi (San Giorgio Martire) parish church, that dates back to the Middle Ages.


How to reach

The main town near Bitti is Nuoro. Starting from it, you just have to take the state road 389 and follow the road signs to Bitti. The trip lasts half a hour by car.

While the two nearest tourist ports are the Arbatax and Olbia: in both cases, it takes about a hour by car to reach Nuoro.


More information

For further information about Autunno in Barbagia 2015 in Bitti (complete program, eventually changes of dates and times), you can visit these two sites:


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