Autumn in Barbagia 2016: the 7 events scheduled in November

  • Published: 4-10-2016
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Autumn in Barbagia 2016 November

There are so many reasons to visit Sardinia in Autumn. We want to recommend one in particular, suitable for those who want to discover the ancient traditions of this great island. We’re talking about the 2016 edition of Autumn in Barbagia. And these are the seven appointments scheduled in November.

  • Ovodda (November 4-6). The untouched nature, clean air and climate goodness are some of the characteristics for which Ovodda, which is located between the historical regions of Barbagia and Mandrolisai, has earned the nickname of “land of centenarians”. Its territory is full of domus de janas, menhir, nuraghi and tombs of giants.
  • Mamoiada (November 4-6). This country is inextricably linked to the parade of Mamuthones and Issohadores. The strong scents of grapes and chestnuts pervade the air and the surrounding nature. In this area you can taste the excellent Cannonau.
  • Nuoro (November 11-13). Called “the Sardinian Athens”, Nuoro is the symbol of the history and traditions of Sardinia. A symbol dominated by the size of Mount Ortobene, held between the river Marreri and the river Cedrino: a succession of towers and pinnacles separated by steep gorges and surrounded by valleys.
  • Tiana (November 11-13). It is a small mountain village. Where traditions, customs and artisan production methods survive even today.
  • Olzai (November 19-20). Olzai is a true concentrate of Sardinian history, as the tomb of the giants of S’ena de sa vacca and the numerous nuraghi evidence. The old town retains the original architecture of Barbagia.
  • Atzara (November 19-20). Surrounded by expanses of vineyards, Atzara has a well-preserved historical center made up of old neighborhoods that wind through narrow alleys and over which there are houses from medieval times.
  • Ollolai (November 25-27). It rises up at a thousand meters on Mount San Basilio. In the territory of Ollolai there is the famous Window of Sardinia, where in a clear day you can see the two seas. An area that preserves various tombs of the giants and nuraghi.


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