The 5 most beautiful places to see during a holiday in Arbatax: between sea and history


It is a small coastal hamlet of Tortolì. It is located in the center of the eastern coast of Sardinia: just its location (situated on a small peninsula, Capo Bellavista, which juts into the sea) has made it one of the major touristic destinations of the Mediterranean island. We’re talking about Arbatax: what to see?

Here’s the five must-see places.


1. Red rocks

In a sense, they will welcome you in Arbatax. They are, in fact, near the marina of the village. The Red Rocks are a sight to not miss: it is, in practice, a red porphyry cliff that literally plunges into the sea, and is the symbol of the entire Arbatax.


2. Tower of San Gemiliano

The San Gemiliano tower can also be considered another symbol of the town of Arbatax: built in granitic rocks, it has a particularly slender shape from which you can enjoy a splendid view over the bay of San Gemiliano, also an important touristic area.


3. Beaches

Cala Moresca is certainly the most famous beach of Arbatax: it gives the best of itself during the summer but also during other periods of the year it is definitely worth seeing. Among the most beautiful in Sardinia, it is equipped with all the services you could ask for.

Always talking about beaches, one of the main attractions is the bay of Porto Frailis: this can be considered the touristic area par excellence of Arbatax, with villas, hotels, restaurants and especially many clubs for all tastes. Finally, we must not forget the small beach of the Red Rocks.


4. Tortolì

As already mentioned, Arbatax is the coastal hamlet of Tortolì. And even in Tortolì there are things to see. Just as an example, we can mention the ex battery area, the pond, the church of Sant’Andrea, the equipped Archaeological Area S’Ortali ‘and Monti.

Leaving from Arbatax, you can reach Tortolì:

  • In five minutes by car;
  • In about an hour on foot.


5. Ogliastra

Arbatax is located in one of the most beautiful historical regions of Sardinia. We are talking about the splendid Ogliastra, a very good idea if you are fond of hiking, especially in the wild nature of  Gennargentu.


These are the main things to see in Arbatax. There are also many other natural and historical-cultural attractions. And to discover all these just book a place on one of the ferries to Sardinia.


Image source: Di hotel_club_saraceno_arbatax_sardinia –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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