Travel with animals on the ferries to Sardinia: the main conditions

animals on the ferries to Sardinia

The ferries to Sardinia are the solution you have chosen to get to this beautiful island and enjoy a wonderful holiday. Holiday that you absolutely want to spend with your beloved four-legged friend. But which are the conditions to travel with animals on the ferries to Sardinia?



On Tirrenia ferries, the four-legged friends, in order to travel, must have a regular ticket. In addition, they must have an anti-rabies vaccination document (if required) and a valid medical certificate. Small animals (such as rabbits, hamsters and birds) must travel in the carrier or in the cage.

The animals can walk on the external bridges, while access is not allowed in the common areas, in the armchairs rooms and in the rooms dedicated only to passengers. Furthermore, on Tirrenia ferries there are specific cabins where animals can stay with their owners.



Also on the Moby ferries there are special cabins equipped to accommodate dogs, cats and other four-legged friends. For their walks and habits, the animals can access the external bridges, while only some common areas, such as bars and restaurants, are precluded.


Sardinia Ferries

On Sardinia Ferries ferries, your dog will always be a welcome guest but there are some simple rules to follow:

  • Take care of your dog;
  • Clean up the poop;
  • The dog must always be accompanied by someone who can manage it;
  • In public spaces, the dog must have a leash and a muzzle.

In the cabins for animals, you’ll find everything you may need to clean.


GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci)

There are specific cabins on the GNV ferries designed to allow you to spend the journey with your four-legged friend in total relaxation. Also, on the external bridge there is a special area where the animals can walk.


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