The 6 most beautiful beaches of Asinara

Asinara beaches: the 6 most beautiful

You already know how to get to Asinara. And since you are spending your holiday in Porto Torres, you don’t want to go back home before have seen the most beautiful beaches of Asinara, which is right nearby.

You are right, don’t see these six beaches would be a real crime.

  1. Cala d’Arena. According to many this is the most beautiful beach of the whole island. It is topped by an Aragonese tower dating back to 1660. Its sand is white and its water’s clear.
  2. Cala Sant’Andrea. As cala d’Arena, it is a white sand beach lapped by a turquoise sea. Because of its great ecological relevance, cala Sant’Andrea can be visited only if accompanied by official guides of the Park of Asinara.
  3. Cala Sabina. It is located at the eastern end of the island. It is one of the few beaches where Asinara is allowed to swim: it is really worth.
  4. Cala Trabuccato. Shining sea, low hills covered with Mediterranean vegetation, lush and colorful underwater life: this is Cala Trabuccato, near the Aragonese tower. In this beach bathing is prohibited but you can get there on licensed vessels that bring visitors along the different beaches.
  5. Cala Reale. From here most of the tours that will take you to the trails of Asinara Island and its life reach waters.
  6. Cala d’Oliva. You can reach this cove passing by Trabuccato. Cala d’Oliva is a small marina dock for boats from Stintino and Porto Torres. Here you can find two beautiful beaches: one south of the cape, the other north.

For more information on the most beautiful beaches of Asinara and how to visit them, you can visit the official website of the National Park,


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