Ferries Trapani: information and connections with Sardinia

Due to its central location, the port of Trapani is considered a City-port. Well connected and easily accessible by car, plane, train or bus, from here ferries leave for Sardinia.

From the port of Trapani the connection with Cagliari is assured by Tirrenia, which runs the route once a week. We advise you to check ferry timetables for Sardinia during the high season.

Port of Trapani

Buy the ticket for Sardinia from the port of Trapani

You can book online ferry tickets for Sardinia using our online booking system. Fill in all the required fields and consult the schedules and routes of the various companies on an only one screen.

Printable tickets will be sent by mail or by mail service (in the second case paying a supplement). If you need of for more information, please call our call center, 0565 960130, active from Monday to Saturday in the timetable from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

To embark or disembark cars and passengers at the port of Trapani

The passengers, with or without vehicle, must arrive at the sea port within the time indicated on the ticket: usually it’s 2 hours before for the passengers with vehicle and 1 hour before for those without vehicles. Always keep with you your ticket and a valid ID that the Company personnel can check at any time.

Only the driver can drive inside the garage: they have to position the vehicle according to the instructions of the on-board personnel. It’s absolutely forbidden to access the ship’s garage during navigation.

If on arrival at the port of destination, the conditions of the sea or other causes beyond the control of the Company don’t allow the disembarkation of the vehicles, we will proceed to disembark at the next landing or in the port of origin.

Companies from the port of Trapani to Sardinia

The ferries service for Sardinia is carried out by Tirrenia, which connects Trapani-Cagliari once a week.

How to reach the port of Trapani

Per arrivare al porto di Trapani, puoi ricorrere a una di queste soluzioni.

How to reach the port of Trapani by car

Se volete raggiungere il porto di Trapani in auto, dalla A29 prendi l’uscita per Trapani e segui le indicazioni per il porto.

How to reach the port of Trapani by train

To arrive to the port of Trapani, you can get one of these solutions.

How to reach the port of Trapani by plane

If you want to reach the port of Trapani by plane, the Vincenzo Florio airport of Trapani-Birgi is just 15 minutes away from the port. To get to the Falcone e Borsellino airport of Palermo, you must then take the A29, taking about an hour’s drive.

How to reach the port of Trapani by bus

From Trapani-Birgi airport there are several bus lines that connect the airport to the city center.

The address of the port of Trapani

The address of the port of Trapani is Via Libica, 19, 91100 Trapani (TP).


The parking is located in via Libica 19 in a strategic position that allows you to reach quickly the city center and the sea port where ferries leave for Sardinia.

Parking is ideal for short or long stays, open Monday to Friday from 07:30 am to 6:30 pm. You can request the service outside the opening hours to the public by notifying at least one day before.

The parking lot has been designed to meet every need: it’s possible to park cars, motorbikes, scooters, campers.

Port services

It’s possible to divide the port into three areas: one used for passenger traffic, one is the fishing port and the other is for unloading and loading the goods. Along the Via Staini, right in the middle of the Sanità wharf, there is the Maritime Station, which offers various services such as tourist information or catering.

There is a transfer by minivan, convenient service that allows you to reach the port or the city center in few time. It costs around 1.50 euro per person per way.

For children up to 3 years, the transfer service is free.

The history of the port

The port of Trapani was born in a strategically important point, in the middle of the Mediterranean, which has made it coveted and precious in the times of Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs. Up to know a moment of prosperity under the rule of the Norman king Roger II, thanks above all to the granting of the customs exemption for boats of every nation.

From 1885 to about 1908, piers, sea port and docks were built which were then destroyed during the Second World War and subsequently rebuilt.

The port and the historic center of Trapani are closely linked. The city, in fact, is born and develops just around the port and that is why it has been given the name of city-port. Even today, as in the time of the Carthaginians, who lands at the port of Trapani passes from the historic center that starts from Via Staiti.

Le tratte attive dal porto