Ferries for Santa Teresa di Gallura: information and connections with Sardinia

Do you want to reach quickly the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura? The Sardinian port is one of the main landing points of the ferries for Sardinia: the several routes connect Santa Teresa di Gallura with Bonifacio.

The port of Santa Teresa di Gallura is in a privileged position, easily accessible by car, plane and bus. The connections and the frequency of the routes with Sardinia are guaranted by the company Moby that intensifies the ferries during the high season, from 7:00 am to 1:00 am, while during the low season they are reduced.

Port of Santa Teresa di Gallura

Buy the ticket for the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura

Sardinia is a very popular tourist destination and because of that we suggest booking in advance the ticket to the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura. To book your ticket, consult our online booking system, which will allow you to evaluate all offers and timetables in an only one screen.

The tickets will be delivered by email (printable tickets) or by service mail (paying a fee). If you have some question, don’t hesitate to contact our call center, 0565 960130, which operates from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

To embark or disembark cars and passengers at the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura

For boarding and disembarking operations, all passengers, with or without a vehicle, are required to follow the information given by the Company’s personnel. Usually, those who have to embark a vehicle must arrive at the sea port about 2 hours before. The passengers without vehicles can arrive 1 hour before.

After placing the vehicle inside the ferry garage, you will no longer be able to access it during navigation. If at the time of disembarkation, it will not be possible to dock, the operation will be carried out as soon as possible in the port of destination in the nearest port or in the origin port.

Companies for the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura in Sardinia

The company that guarantees the ferries for the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura is Moby.

How to reach the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura

The port of Santa Teresa di Gallura can be reached by car, plane or bus.

How to reach the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura by car

Santa Teresa di Gallura has two main roads that join Santa with other cities on the northern coast of Sardinia: the highway 133 and the provincial road 90.

How to reach the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura by plane

The airports of Alghero and Olbia are really close to the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura, respectively 130 km and 64 km away.

How to reach the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura by bus

From Oristano, Olbia, Sassari, Nuoro and Cagliari (just to mention some of the most important Sardinian cities) several buses leave every day to Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Address of the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura

The address of the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura is Via La Filetta, 07028 Santa Teresa Gallura (OT).


In the parking of the port of Santa Teresa Gallura you can park your vehicle without worrying about its safe custody: the staff will take care of your car.

Port services

Inside the port you will find a maritime station, a toilet, a ticket office.

History of the port

There was a human presence in this area as far back as 4000 B.C., as testified by archaeological remains found near the centre of the town.

In the period during which Sardinia was under Roman dominion, there were two centres on Sardinia: Tibula and Longonis.

The latter was located to the left of the present-day port and was established as a small fishing village; the name seems to due to the long coastline on which it stood, the structure of which offered natural shelter for boats.

The Romans exploited this area for its granite, which, one processed, was transported to Rome for building monuments and villas.

When the Pisans arrived in the medieval period and era of the Maritime Republics, the town of Longobardo was established, which served as a strategic location facing Corsica, which was under the dominion of the Pisans at the time.

In the 8th and 9th centuries, Santa Teresa di Gallura became one of the four ports from which goods could arrive and depart, along with Alghero, Porto Torres, and Cagliari.

In 1834, a castle was built at the behest of Eleonora of Arborea, which was destroyed in 1420 by the Genoese, who thereby depopulated the town, turning it into a hideaway for pirates and bandits.

This meant that in the 16th century it was occupied mainly by soldiers to combat the increasingly frequent phenomenon of piracy and smuggling.

Finally, in 1808, the small town was re-established; in fact, Emanuel I founded Santa Teresa and supported its settlement by donating plots of land to the colonies who moved there.

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