Ferries from the port of Piombino: information and connections with Sardinia

Thanks to its strategic location, the port of Piombino is the third Italian port, from which leave every day several ferries to Sardinia. Centrally located, it’s easily accessible by car, train or bus. The main routes are Olbia and Golfo Aranci, served by the Moby and Corsica Ferries companies.

In the low season the connection is always guaranteed even if the volume of the races is intensified during the high season, with departures from 8:00 am to 10:00 am approximately.

Port of Piombino

Buy the ticket for Sardinia from the port of Piombino

Buying online ferry tickets for Sardinia is simple: just use our online booking system and fill in all the required fields.

Tickets can be sent by e-mail (printable tickets) or by service mail paying a supplement. For any need and for more information, you can call our call center at 0565 960130, active from Monday to Saturday in the hours from 9:00 to 20:00.

To embark or disembark cars and passengers at the port of Piombino

The passenger with a vehicle have to arrive about 2 hours before departure. The staff of the company could check your tickets in any time, so the advice is to keep always with you ticket and a valid ID. Only the driver can drive the vehicle inside the ferry. All embarked vehicles must be left closed, with the first gear engaged and with the parking brake applied.

Passengers without a vehicle must use the side ladder and show the ticket at check-in. Usually, it is forbidden to access to the ship’s garage.

If on arrival is not possible to disembark the vehicles, we will proceed to disembark as soon as the conditions permit.

Companies from the port of Piombino for Sardinia

The shipping companies that connect the port of Piombino to Sardinia are:

  • Moby;
  • Corsica Ferries.

How to reach the port of Piombino

You can easily reach the port of Piombino by car, by plane, by bus or by train.

How to reach the port of Piombino by car

The highway 398 (Variante Aurelia) connecting Piombino to Tuscany and Lazio Corridor (E 80).

How to reach the port of Piombino by train

You can also easily reach Piombino by train. Piombino Marittima railway station is located in front of the sea port.

How to reach the port of Piombino by plane

The city doesn’t have an own airport. The nearest airports are Pisa (84 kilometerr) and Florence (112 kilometers).

How to reach the port of Piombino by bus

Many bus lines guarantee the connection between Milan-Piombino and Florence-Piombino.

Address of the port of Piombino

The address of the port of Piombino is Piazzale Premuda, 57025 Piombino (LI).


Who reach the port with own vehicle there is a long-term parking located close to the port. This is quite large but we cannot guarantee that you will find a place during summer weekends. Campers are not allowed to park for a long-term.

Port services

The port of Piombino has an information office, newsstand, café and restaurant. Close to the Maritime Station, there are free parking for short breaks and one for long stops.

The history of the port

Built to carry the iron coming from the Elba, it developed considerably thanks to the birth of the very close steel plants. Rebuilt after the Second World War, it considerably increased its traffic during the Sixties, when tourism developed towards the island of Elba.

Le tratte attive dal porto