Book a ferry from Palermo: information and connections with Sardinia

The port of Palermo is one of the most beautiful ports all around Europe. Easily accessible by car, train and plane, from here leave the ferries to Sardinia, especially to Cagliari. The sailing companion Tirrenia guarantees the frequency of the routes, both in summer and winter, with an intensification of connections for Sardinia during the high season.

Port of Palermo


Buy the ticket for Sardinia from the port of Palermo

Buying ferry tickets to Sardinia has never been so easy thanks to online booking system. After you have compared timetables and prices and filled out all the fields.

Printable tickets will be sent by mail or by mail service for a small fee. For any need and for more information, you can call our call center, 0565 960130, active from Monday to Saturday in the hours from 9:00 to 20:00.

To embark or disembark cars and passengers at the port of Palermo

Passengers must arrive in time at the boarding quay. Once the deadline has expired, the right to board is lost.

If you must to embark a vehicle, the passenger must be arrived at the port of embarkation at least two hours in advance and follow the instructions of the ship’s personnel to place the vehicle. At any time, both during boarding and during the actual journey, the Company’s personnel can check ticket and ID in any time.

Passengers that no have a vehicle can arrive about 1 hour in advance and must use the side ladder with a nominal check-in ticket. It’s absolutely forbidden to access the ship’s garage while navigation.

Companies from the port of Palermo to Sardinia

La Tirrenia is a shipping company that connects the port of Palermo with Sardinia.

How to reach Palermo

The port of Palermo can be reached by car, train, bus or plane. Let’s see how:

How to reach Palermo by car

From the A19 highway, take the exit “Porto” and follow the indications. From the A29 motorway take the exit at the junction with via Belgium and go on to the port.

How to reach Palermo by train

From Palermo train station, the port can be easily reached by taking a taxi.

How to reach Palermo by plane

From Falcone e Borsellino international airport of Palermo, you can reach the port by taxi or by bus.

How to reach Palermo by bus

You can take the bus service that join the airport to the centre of Palermo every 30 minutes. From Piazza Ruggero Settimo you can take a pleasant walk of about 10 minutes.

The address of the port of Palermo

The address of the port of Palermo is Calata marinai d’Italia Porto, 90139 Palermo


Inside the port you will have the opportunity to pay for your vehicle for the duration of the holiday.

Port services

The port of Palermo is equipped with all the necessary services to offer every comfort to passengers and tourists in transit. You will find a bar, a table, bathrooms and a bank. You will also find a left-luggage office and a convenient parking area, as well as a free shuttle service within the port area.

The history of the port

The first town was built in VIII century b.C. from the Phoenicians, where right now stands the historic centre of Palermo and where at the time exchanges took place with the local population.

For several centuries, Palermo was the base of Carthaginians, and later of the Romans who conquered it in 254 b.C.

In 1950 the Maritime Station was built, where actually there are newsstands, information offices, café, luggage storage and parking area.

Le tratte attive dal porto