Ferries from the port of Naples: information and connections with Sardinia

From the port of Naples every day set sail several ferries to Cagliari. Ferries rides from Naples to Sardinia are managed by the Tirrenia Company. The passengers are concentrated at Molo Angioino, where are located cruise ships dock and maritime station, but also at Molo Beverello. Both seaports are easily reachable by any means of transport, being in the heart of the Neapolitan city. The frequency of the races is guaranteed by constant connections during the low season, intensified during the summer months.

Port of Naples

Buy the ticket for Sardinia from the port of Naples

You can book and buy online ferry tickets for Sardinia thanks to our online booking form: in an only one screen, you can see all the schedules and prices of the Companies.

You can receive the ticket by email, no surcharge needeed, or by postal service, paying a fee. For more information, you can contact our call center, 0565 960130, active from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Buy the ticket for Sardinia from the port of Naples

All passengers must be arrived at the boarding point within the time limit set on the ticket, otherwise they will lose all right to board. Company personnel can check your tickets during navigation. It’s good that passengers always have their ticket and a valid ID with them.

Inside the ship the passengers have to park his vehicle following the instructions of the crew. All embarked vehicles must be left closed, with the first gear engaged and the parking brake. Usually, access to the garage is allowed only to the driver: passengers must use the side ladder. It’s not allowed to access the vehicle while browsing.

Companies from the port of Naples to Sardinia

The shipping company that serves Sardinia from the port of Naples is Tirrenia.

How to reach the port of Naples

The port of Naples is easily reachable from all over Italy, by car, train or plane.

How to reach the port of Naples by car

From the Naples ring road, take the junction for Via Marina and continue along this road. After a while you get to the Maschio Angioino: the sea port is nearby.

How to reach the port of Naples by train

From Naples train station, take the subway and get off at the “Municipio” stop or at the “Università” stop. Otherwise, you can take a taxi from train station, the journey is short.

How to reach the port of Naples by plane

From Capodichino airport, it’s possible to arrive at the port by bus or by taxi.

The address of the port of Naples

The address of the port of Naples is Molo Angioino, 80133 Naples (NA).


Around the port of Naples there are 4 paid parking areas where you can leave your car for the time of your holiday. All the parking are easily accessible by local public service.

Port service

At the port docks you can take advantage of convenient refreshment services before your departure: there are café and several luggage storages.

The history of the port

The origins of the city and the port of Naples date back to the period of Greek domination, when, in the ninth century BC, sailors from Rhodes landed here and founded a Greek colony on the current promontory of Pizzofalcone.

Under the rule of the Bourbons, it became one of the strongest and most organized ports in Europe. But in 1861 its decline began: in fact, following the Unification of Italy, the traffic decreased considerably.

After the Second World War, the port of Naples was the starting point for all those Italians who were going to look for luck in America.

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