Ferries for the port of Golfo Aranci: information and connections with Sardinia

Isn’t the port of Golfo Aranci the best sea port in Sardinia? It’s one of the most important where the ferries arrive and depart for Sardinia.

Every day at the port of Golfo Aranci several ferries arrive from the ports of Livorno, Piombino and Nice, all guaranteed by the shipping company Corsica Ferries, which ensures the daily frequency of connections. This frequency may vary depending on the season (high or low), but you can be sure of a coverage in the summer months from 8:00 am to 10:30 pm.

Port of Golfo Aranci

Buy the ticket for the port of Golfo Aranci in Sardinia

The port of Golfo Aranci is affected every year by substantial passenger traffic. We advise you to book your ticket to Sardinia using our online booking system. After filling in the required fields, you can compare all times and prices in an only one screen, finding the one that best suits your needs.

Tickets will be sent in two ways: either in the printable version delivered by e-mail or will be delivered to home by service mail, paying a small fee. In any case you can always contact to our call center, by calling 0565 960130. The service is active from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

To embark or disembark cars and passengers at the port of Golfo Aranci

Each shipping company has its own regulations for boarding and disembarking passengers.

The passenger with the vehicle must approximately arrive 2 hours before boarding and follow the instructions of the on-board personnel to place the vehicle inside the garage, usually with first gear engaged and handbrake applied.

Passengers without a vehicle can be arrive about 1 hour before and use the side stairway for pedestrians to check in, where there is one.

The travel ticket and identity card are must be always with you, in this way the crew will be able to check them at any time.

At the time of landing at the port, you must follow the instructions given by the staff of the shipping company.

Companies for the port of Golfo Aranci in Sardinia

You can reach Golfo Aranci by ferry thanks to the connections of the Corsica Ferries company serving the routes Livorno – Golfo Aranci and Piombino – Golfo Aranci. The connections are guaranteed during the year, but the routes are increased during the summer.

How to reach the port of Golfo Aranci

The port of Golfo Aranci is in a well-connected position and therefore easily accessible by car, train and car.

How to reach the port of Golfo Aranci by car

The port of Golfo Aranci is easily accessible from the main cities of Sardinia such as Olbia, Sassari and Porto Torres (from Sassari and Porto Torres can be reached by taking the highway 127).

How to reach the port of Golfo Aranci by train

If you arrive by train, the station is really close to the port, so it will be very easy to reach it.

How to reach the port of Golfo Aranci by plane

If you choose to travel by plane, the nearest airport is Olbia, which is about 20 kilometers away. We suggest you take a taxi from the airport.

How to reach the port of Golfo Aranci by bus

To reache the port of Golfo Aranci by bus is available the regional transport company service, with direct runs from Olbia from June to September and with a dense network of connections to other places in Sardinia.

The address of the port of Golfo Aranci

The address of the port of Golfo Aranci is Stazione Marittima Golfo Aranci, SP82, 07020 Golfo Aranci (OT).


The port of Golfo Aranci consists of a series of quays, of which 3 are dedicated to cruises. This area is reserved for parking areas.

Port services

Inside the port of Golfo Aranci you will find a large waiting room for boarding, a restaurant and a bar, as well as a medical service.

The history of the port

Golfo Aranci was established on the North East of the island of Sardinia, to the North of Olbia.

There are different interpretations of the meaning of its name; legend says that it owes name to a ship loaded with oranges that was shipwrecked in its sea, but it could also come from Ranci, which in the local dialect means “crabs” –many of which live in the waters there.

From its beginning as a small fishing village, it underwent a huge change in 1881 thanks to the naval transfer of the Sardinian Railway Company from Olbia to Golfo Aranci for the connection with the mainland.

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