Ferries for the port of Cagliari: information and connections with Sardinia

Are you looking for information on the port of Cagliari? It’s one of the main seaport where every day leave ferries for Sardinia and, thanks to its privileged position, is considered one of the most accessible ports.

During the high season the Tirrenia shipping company guarantees daily trips from the ports of Civitavecchia, Palermo and Naples, while during the winter months the service even decreases if it’s still guaranteed. In detail during the low season the connection with Civitavecchia ensures daily journeys in the summer and multi-weekly in winter, for a crossing of about 13 hours. The frequency of the route with the port of Naples provides twice-weekly routes taking about 13 hours. Finally, the connection from the port of Palermo provides, during the high season, weekly and biweekly routes for a crossing of about 12 hours.

Buy the ticket for the port of Cagliari

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After you have completed the payment process, the tickets will be spent by service mail (paying a supplement) or by e-mail in the printable version. For any need, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service, active from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00: call our call center at 0565 960130.

To embark or disembark cars and passengers at the port of Cagliari

Boarding and disembarking are regulated by the rules established by the shipping company. Generally, it is expected that passengers without a vehicle can arrive approximately 1 hour before departure, while passengers with a vehicle are required to arrive approximately 2 hours before. The driver must follow the instructions of the on-board personnel to position the vehicle, which must usually be left with the handbrake applied and the first gear engaged. It’s forbidden to access the ship’s garage during navigation.

Companies for the port of Cagliari in Sardinia

The Tirrenia shipping company guarantees the daily frequency of the races.

How to reach the port of Cagliari

Il porto di Cagliari è raggiungibile in auto, aereo o autobus.

How to reach the port of Cagliari by car

Il porto di Cagliari è raggiungibile percorrendo la strada statale 131, poi bisogna seguire le indicazioni per Cagliari Centro e poi per Centro-Porto. È possibile arrivare a Cagliari anche tramite la strada statale 125, raggiungendo il lungomare di Quartu Sant’Elena e via Roma, davanti al porto.

How to reach the port of Cagliari by plane

L’aeroporto di Cagliari dista circa mezz’ora di macchina dal centro città, dove è collocato anche il porto. In questo caso ti consigliamo di arrivare allo scalo portuale sardo direttamente in taxi.

How to reach the port of Cagliari by bus

A disposizione dei passeggeri c’è uno shuttle di collegamento tra il Molo Rinascita e la banchina di imbarco.

The address of the port of Cagliari

L’indirizzo del porto di Cagliari è Molo Sanità Stazione Marittima, Porto 09125 Cagliari.


Il parcheggio del porto di Cagliari si trova a pochi metri dal centro cittadino ed è diviso in due aree: il porto storico e il porto canale. Si tratta di un parcheggio a pagamento ed è aperto dalle ore 8:00 alle ore 20:00.

Port services

Il trasferimento dal Molo Rinascita fino alla banchina di imbarco del porto di Cagliari viene effettuato da un bus navetta con capacità fino a 116 passeggeri, attrezzato per trasportare anche passeggeri con ridotta mobilità.

The history of the port

The port of Cagliari, which was built by the Phoenicians, was highly important in the time of the ancient Romans and has become even more so over the years up to the present day thanks to its continual development and the numerous improvements that have been made.

The port you’ll find there today looks more or less the same as it did in the 1900s. In fact, up until 1860, the port was small and separated from the city by walls.

Inside was the “Sanità” building, from which the wharf gets its name; the name means “health”, and it was here that all the goods and animals that arrived were checked to prevent diseases and epidemics. Next to it was a doorway that connected the port to the Marina quarter and which was demolished along with the city walls.

After the Unification of Italy, restoration work began; the city walls and the Sanità building were destroyed, and the Sanità and Darsena wharfs were built, distancing the seaport from the Marina quarter.

Le tratte attive dal porto