Book a ferry to the port of Arbatax: information and connection with Sardinia

If you want to know how to get to the port of Arbatax, you must know that it is one of the most important docking points where arrive the ferries for Sardinia. The airport is served by the Tirrenia company, while the two main departure ports are Civitavecchia and Genoa. The connections to the island are guaranteed several times a week from 2:00 pm to 00:00 am, however the frequency of the races may be depending on the periods of high or low season.

The port of Arbatax overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and is in the homonymous town of Ogliastra, in eastern Sardinia, a position that makes it easily accessible by car, train, plane or bus.

Port of Arbatax

Buy the ticket for the port of Arbatax in Sardinia

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To embark or disembark cars and passengers at the port of Arbatax

Passengers with vehicles are required to arrive at the sea port about 2 hours before departure, while passengers without a vehicle can arrive about 1 hour before. Remember to keep always with you your ticket and a valid ID: Company’s personnel can check at any time.

The vehicle must be positioned according to the instructions of the on-board personnel. It’s absolutely forbidden to access the ship’s garage while browsing.

If, upon arrival at the port of destination, the conditions of the sea or other causes beyond the control of the Company don’t allow the disembarkation of the vehicles, the landing will be carried out at the nearest port of call or in the port of origin.

Companies for the port of Arbatax in Sardinia

The shipping company that serves the connections between Arbatax and the mainland is Tirrenia.

How to reach the port of Arbatax

The port of Arbatax is easily accessible by car, train, plane or bus.

How to reach the port of Arbatax by car

If you want to reach the port of Arbatax by car, just take the highway 125 and follow the signs to the port.

How to reach the port of Arbatax by train

Arbatax train station is the final stop of the line for Mandas. It’s used exclusively for the tourist services of the Green Train.

How to reach the port of Arbatax by plane

Using the plane to reach the port of Arbatax is not recommended, because the nearest airport of Cagliari is about 140 km away.

How to reach the port of Arbatax by bus

In this case, the regional transport network (which leads to Tortolì and from here to Arbatax) and the urban transport service can be used.

The address of the port of Arbatax

The address of the port of Arbatax è Via Porto Frailis, 08048 Tortolì (OG).


The port of Arbatax can hold up to 260 cars, which will allow you to find parking easily, even during the high season.

Port services

You can get from the Port of Arbatax to Cagliari thanks to the service of the Arst company that guarantees local public transport. The bus stop is located between Via Venezia and the SS125, really close to the port exit. The trip takes around 2 hours and the cost of the ticket is about 10 euros for one way and 18 euros for a round trip.

The history of the port

Arbatax, originally, was a small fishing village moved to Sardinia from the island of Ponza. The meaning of its name derives from the Arabic “fourteen”. It seems, in fact, that it is due to the presence of the fourteenth Saracen watchtower. The other towers were present throughout the Sardinian coast. This belief, however, is not supported by the existence of testimonies of the Arab presence in that area.

During the Second World War, the port was razed to the ground by the bombing of 18 airplanes to prevent the connection with the mainland.

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