How to book ferries to Sardinia

You can get to the Traghetti per Sardegna booking form by clicking on “BOOK” at the top or in the menu to the left. The process for comparing available rates and timetables is very simple and intuitive. Choose the line you want (or the destination area), the travel date, the number of passengers, and the type of car, and click “Search”. In real time, we will provide you with the exact status of available timetables, since our operative system is directly connected with that of the shipping companies. The rate shown is the most convenient, whereas if you tick the “See all rates” checkbox at the top right, the rates that are available and applicable at the various times will be shown, making it easy to compare prices. Now select the chosen line for one or both routes and proceed by clicking “Continue”. On the next screen, you will be asked for the details of the passengers and the vehicle to be taken on board. Italian citizens have the option to take out coverage for the ticket cancellation fees, thus safeguarding their purchase.

Choose how you want the tickets to be sent and your preferred payment method, and confirm. If you are paying by Visa, MasterCard, or Poste Pay card or with a PayPal or Bancoposta Online account, you will be redirected to the payment operator’s server via a secure http connection to protect your card details.

The booking is complete and your ferry ticket for Sardinia will be conveniently sent by email within a few minutes, or by post if you have chosen this option.