From Piombino to Olbia: information about ferries and bookings

The port of Piombino, thanks to its favorable position, became the third Italian port, with more than three million passengers in transit, becoming a modern structure efficient for the reception of visitors, especially for the ferry route from Piombino to Olbia.

A few steps from the piers was born the maritime station, with the information Office, the official ticket offices of the shipping companies such as Moby serving the route Piombino-Olbia and other useful services.

Route from Piombino to Olbia

How to book a boat to Olbia from Piombino, information on cost tickets and offers

Thanks to the online booking system you can check the availability and cost of the ferry to Sardinia. To reach your destination, you just have to fill out the form choosing the travel solution that best suits your needs and go.

Travel times, frequency and times routes for Olbia

The frequency of the routes is guaranteed by a daily run at 14:30 and the travelling time is about 5 hours.

Car boarding Piombino, baggage and animals on board

To board the car it is necessary to show up at the pier about 2 hours before the departure and follow the instructions of the personnel on board.

You are allowed to carry baggage on board to the extent permitted by the nominal ticket: You can keep your baggage with you in the armchairs area or in the cabin, if you have booked one.

In case of animals on board will not be booked a cabin for their access but only the bridge passage for the animal. The cabin with pets access must be requested by calling the company’s call center in advance.

Companies with routes from Piombino

The company that serves the route Piombino-Olbia is Moby that will accompany you during your trip both the outward and the return.

Ship features for Olbia

All the ships of the Moby fleet are equipped with cabins and armchairs, bar-sandwich shop and self-service restaurant, a shopping boutique, a large area dedicated to children, solarium, cabins and pet-friendly accommodation.

Holiday ideas: what to visit, see and do in Olbia

To those arriving by sea by ferry from Piombino, Olbia offers a breathtaking spectacle: the island of Tavolara, Capo Cerano with its beaches and the Gulf of Olbia. All these wonders are embellished by the Mediterranean scrub and the yellow broom. There are many beaches: the Lido of Pittolungu which from Olbia leads to Golfo Aranci, the Playa which is the historic beach of the inhabitants of Olbia, the shark, the pelican and we could mention more. In short, the dream holiday, immersed in the natural beauties of this Sardinian locality, is waiting for you.

More routes from Piombino

From the port of Piombino it is possible to leave for one of the following additional routes: Piombino – Bastia, Piombino – Portoferraio, Piombino – Rio Marina, Piombino – Cavo.