Naples Cagliari: costs, offers and information to book ship ticket

Cagliari is a city full of attractions and always very popular, as a holiday place, by tourists from all over the world.

Book The ferry from Naples to Cagliari, round trip. Thanks to a skilful mixture of ingredients, your stay in Cagliari can only be engaging. In fact, fascinated by its beautiful sea, many visitors are pouring every year, not only in the summer, but also in the rest of the year, since it is a place that can boast history and culture.

Route from Napoli to Cagliari

How to book a ship to Cagliari from Naples, information about tickets cost and offers

To book the ship from Cagliari to Naples you will not have to do more than fill out all the fields of our ferry comparator and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Travel times, frequency and times routes for Cagliari

The trip to Cagliari usually leaves at the port of Naples around 19:00 and has a duration of approximately 13 hours.

A couple of routes per week are usually assured, depending on the season.

Naples car boarding, baggage and animals on board

The boarding of the car at the port of Naples starts about 2 hours before the scheduled departure and according to the instructions of the staff you decide how to arrange the vehicles inside the garage of the ship. Usually the machine must be left with the first gear inserted and the handbrake pulled.

If you have a hand baggage but do not have a car to leave, you can take it with you on board: it is included in the ticket price.

The animals on board must be equipped with a ticket, the vaccination document (if required) and a valid medical certificate.

Companies with routes from Naples

The airport is connected to the port of Cagliari thanks to the ferries to Sardinia of the company Tirrenia.

Ship features for Cagliari

Tirrenia has thought of everything for your crossing, conceiving pleasant and relaxing environments. If you travel with children don’t worry, you will find a children’s space where you can play them, where games, crayons and cartoons are available.

For you, on the other hand, we thought of satellite TV with a large palimpsest, but also to a cinema room where the Warner Bros film premieres are projected.

Holiday ideas: what to visit, see and do in Cagliari

Cagliari is a beautiful city with a thousand faces, with many corners to discover and to fall in love with, an ideal destination both in summer and in winter.

Along with the bastion of Saint Remy, the Two towers of San Pancrazio and the elephant are the symbol of the city and mark the profile of the ancient castle quarter. Poetto is the beach of Cagliari: from Sella del Diavolo to the coast of Quartu Sant’Elena, you will find 8 km of beach.

More routes from Naples

The port of Naples is served by the following additional routes: Naples – Palermo, Naples – Catania, Naples – Termini Imerese, Naples – Trapani, Naples – Milazzo.