Naples – Cagliari: compare the options and book the ferries

Cagliari is a city offering a wealth of attractions and always very popular, as a holiday resort, with tourists from all over the world. Fascinated by its beautiful sea, many visitors flock here every year, not only in summer but also throughout the year, since it is a town that boasts a wealth of history and culture. You can spend your holiday in many different ways: sea, cuture, relaxation and fun. Then book your ferries from Naples to Cagliari, round trip! By wisely mixing different things, your stay in Cagliari will certainly be engaging.

How to book

Before departing for Cagliari, book your trip by filling out the online form:

  1. Select the following details: route, type of journey (one way or return), dates, number of passengers, and type of vehicle to embark (if any). Click on ‘Search/Find’ to start the processing of the data entered.
  2. View the ferry times so as to to plan the best departure. Our online booking system allows you to view the crossings available at the most convenient price. To sort the ferry crossings by price, use the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner. And now you just have to select the option chosen and move forward.
  3. This is the last step to finalize your booking.  Enter all your personal details as well as those of any other passenger and select the payment method. By confirming, you will have booked your ferry to Cagliari and back.

Ferry times and prices

Check the timetables and find the most cost-effective solution in one click. To display at the fares applicable for each route, tick ‘see all rates’ at the top right of the page that has processed your request. This operation allows you to display all the applicable rates, route by route.

Departure, arrival and duration

The port of Naples is one of the best known in Europe. Its passenger traffic is served at the Angioino wharf, where cruise ships dock. Here is where you’ll find the maritime station, while the Beverello wharf is where ferries arrive. The port of Naples is connected to the port of Cagliari by ferries to Sardinia run by Tirrenia. The port of Naples stands in the heart of the city, a few steps from Piazza Municipio, and so you can also reach it on foot. With public transport it takes 10 minutes from Piazza Garibaldi. Here is the central station, with the main bus lines and the subway. Furthermore, the port of Naples is only 15 km from Capodichino International Airport.

Your round trip to Cagliari is about 13 hrs.

Being in the middle of the Mediterranean, the port of Cagliari plays a vital role from the commercial point of view. Today the port is divided into three main areas: the oil terminal, the canal port, and the historic port. The historic port is used for commercial traffic, fishing, and cruise ships, as well as for passenger ships. In fact, it is here that Tirrenia ferries from and to Naples arrive and depart.

Ferry Companies

This route is sailed by Tirrenia, which will take care of your round trip.