Route Genoa Olbia: costs, offers and information to book ship ticket

Olbia in the region of Gallura is a destination that will conquer you and you can reach by online booking the ferry from Genoa to Olbia.

Route from Genova to Olbia

How to book a ship for Olbia from Genoa, information about tickets cost and offers         

The online booking system allows you to check all the travel times, both for the return and for the way back, on the dates you enter. Prices also vary depending on the company serving the trafficking. You can compare rates and choose the cheapest combination. The costs are divided by company, in order to make the operation easier.

Travel times, frequency and times fast routes for Olbia

The journey time of the Genoa-Olbia route is about 10 hours, with a single daily departure at 21:30.

Car boarding in Genoa, baggage and animals on board

To take the car to the port of Genoa you will have to go to the pier about 2 hours before, in order to leave the vehicle inside the garage as indicated by the personnel on board.

You can leave your hand baggage inside the car or you can take it with you on board, as long as it is only one.

The boarding of the animals on board is allowed, provided they are provided with a valid travel certificate, document and medical certification. If you have booked a cabin, you will need to ask one where the animals are allowed.

Companies with routes from Genoa

The ferry companies from Genoa to Olbia are Moby and Tirrenia.

Ship features for Olbia

All the fast ships of the Moby fleet have 400 cabins with facilities, but also a armchairs room, a restaurant and a self-service and a pizza point. The children will find an area specially designed for them, while the older ones can relax in the pool and enjoy the sun at the Lido Bar.

Holiday ideas: what to visit, see and do in Olbia

Olbia is located in the historical region of Gallura that occupies the north-eastern end of Sardinia. Its history and its culture are testified by the numerous archaeological sites present in the territory. The most attractive element for a dream holiday in Sardinia is the sea for sure. The beaches of Olbia can be considered the pearls of the coast like Porto Istana and its fine sand and a turquoise sea, Lido del Sole a place little interested by the assault tourism, where it is therefore easy to find relaxation. But also Rena Bianca, a beach of white sand and shells, crystal waters and shallows.

More routes from Genoa

From the port of Genoa there are daily fast ferries that connect Genoa to Arbatax, Genoa to Porto Torres and Genoa to Santa Teresa di Gallura.