Route Civitavecchia Arbatax: costs, offers and information to book ship ticket

A marina, located at the foot of the colorful village marine and the hill of Bellavista, embedded in the red Porphyry cliffs that emerge from the sea and that constitute a backdrop of incomparable beauty. This is what you will expect after booking the ferry from Civitavecchia to Arbatax.

Ferries from Civitavecchia to Arbatax

How to book a ferries to Arbatax from Civitavecchia, information on cost tickets and offers

Booking a boat to Arbatax from Civitavecchia is really simple: you will have to fill in all the fields of the online booking system and consult all the timetables and prices of the ferries in one screen, finding the best offer for you.

Travel times, frequency and times for Arbatax

The time of navigation that will allow you to reach the port of Arbatax and about 10 hours. The fast ferry to Arbatax leaves at midnight.

Car boarding Civitavecchia, baggage and animals on board

If you have a car to embark, know that you will have to arrive at the dock about 2 hours before and follow the instructions of the crew. The vehicle, in fact, must be left with the first gear inserted and the brake hand pulled.

You can leave your luggage in the car or take it aboard with you, as long as it is a hand baggage.

Pets are allowed on board but must be provided with a travel licence and a medical certificate for navigation.

Companies with routes from Civitavecchia

One of the companies that serves this trafficking, from Civitavecchia to Arbatax, is Tirrenia.

Ship features for Arbatax

On the high-speed ships of Tirrenia you will find armchairs, cabins and suites for the longest routes or for night trips. Disabled passengers will find fitted and equipped cabins to best meet their needs. The animals will be welcome in the new cabins designed to ensure maximum hygiene.

Holiday ideas: what to visit, see and do in Arbatax

Arbatax was born as a small fishing village. Its red rocks are one of the main points of attraction of this coastal town. The shoreline consists partly of granite pebbles and red porphyry and for the rest from cliffs, suggestive beaches, caves and a sea similar to the sky. uncontaminated nature for millennia, dominated by the colors and scents typical of the Mediterranean vegetation.

More route from Civitavecchia

From the port of Civitavecchia depart several ferries to Sardinia, such as Civitavecchia-Porto Torres, Civitavecchia-Olbia,  Civitavecchia-Cagliari.