Route from Civitavecchia to Cagliari: information on ferries and reservations

If you are looking for information on the ferry from Civitavecchia to Cagliari you are in the right place to book your next holiday ticket!

Route from Civitavecchia to Cagliari

How to book a boat to Cagliari from Civitavecchia, information on cost tickets and offers

To book your fast ship from Civitavecchia to Cagliari, you will not have to do anything but fill in all the fields of the online booking system: Compare and book The offers and timetables of the companies and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Travel times, frequency and times routes for Cagliari

The sailing time that will allow you to arrive in Cagliari, is estimated to go from 10 to 15 hours and varies depending on the day and the period. Generally the only daily run starts at 19:00.

Car boarding Civitavecchia, baggage and animals on board

To embark your car, you must arrive at least 2 hours before the port of Civitavecchia and follow the instructions of boarding the crew.

You can choose to keep your baggage in your car or take it aboard with you: only one hand baggage is included in the ticket price.

If you travel with animals, remember to book the cabin specifying that it will be used to accommodate even your four-legged friend.

Companies with routes from Civitavecchia

Tirrenia is the company that serves the Civitavecchia-Cagliari route and will accompany you on your journey to the beautiful city of Sardinia.

Ship features for Cagliari

All the high-speed ships of Tirrenia offer armchairs, cabins and suites for the longest routes or for night trips, as in the case of the Civitavecchia Cagliari ferry route.

Disabled passengers will find fitted and equipped cabins to best meet their needs.

The animals will be welcome in the new cabins designed to ensure maximum hygiene.

Holiday ideas: what to visit, see and do in Cagliari

Cagliari is a dynamic city, full of attractions for tourists and always crowded by visitors from all over the world, recalled by the notoriety of Sardinia and the beauty of its sea. It is a place rich in history, located in a strategic position from the geographical point of view. It offers beaches of fine sand and enchanted sea, art and culture, events and quite eventful nightlife. For a holiday declined in different ways: engaging but, for those who wish, also in the name of relaxation.

More routes from Civitavecchia

From the port of Civitavecchia depart several ferries to Sardinia, such as Civitavecchia Porto Torres, Civitavecchia Olbia, Civitavecchia Golfo Aranci, Civitavecchia Arbatax.